Secure FileVault 2 against RAM attacks

Last year it was made public knowledge that a Macbook Air (As well as many Mac computers) with Firewire had a security flaw , in which allowed an attacker to pull the Filevault key right out of the systems RAM. All of this while the unit was powered on and the case was never opened, the attack simply used the firewire port, which by design has direct access the the RAM. I could go into great detail here but instead here is a link to the Article

To prevent this from ever being possible , use this following command
sudo pmset -a destroyfvkeyonstandby 1

When this command is used OSX 10.7 and newer will be forced to destroy the RAM contents of any Filevault key before Hibernation or Sleep mode.

Disable Auto Update for Adobe CS5 (Mac)

I recently install Adobe Photoshop CS5 on my Macbook Air, It runs great an =d is a pretty impressive piece of software , but you know thats not the reason why I’m writing about it.

Ever since the install , each and every time I login – or boot up my Mac the “Adobe Application Manager” pops into the space by the clock, (You’ll notice the Adobe “A” in the pic below: )

I am also greeted with lovely window ….

Truthfully , this wouldn’t be so bad. If only it easily allowed you to opt-out of the Auto-Updates , instead adobe “hi-jacks” the mac os and starts its App Manager on every boot. I found a way to get rid of it on Adobes website.

Right Click the following link and Save Link to Downloads, FILE , Open Your Downloads folder , Locate the file the select it, Then Right-Click and Choose Get info. Now under the Name and Extension area , Rename it so the Extension is “.dat” instead of “.doc” (This was so i could upload the file with WordPress’s restrictions).

Now you should have a file with the Name “AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat”, Copy this file to the following location on your Mac :

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/

After a quick reboot , this pesky Updated will stay away unless you invoke it !

Hope it helps someone else too !

Delete a FileVault Encrypted volume without a Password

Okay I figured out this little trick after much frustration with a forgotten password. A while back I had decided to encrypt a small 4GB partition i used for some personal stuff, I used file vault. Everything was smooth and quick. Now a few weeks latter I have now forgotten what password I used ! – Frustrated I tried every possible combination of every password I have ever used to no avail.

After a while realizing I have a backup already of the data on that partition , I said to hell with it -Lets delete the partition. I openedd DiskUtility and attempted to repartition the disk back to one main partition , effectively removing the encrypted partition – But .. I forgot the password ! , Even DiskUtility would not let me do anything without first unlocking the partition. Damn!

So I tried the command line version diskutil , After some messing around and getting no where fast I found a mention of coreStorage in one of the errors spit at me. I then tried the following:

diskutil coreStorage , this gave me several options for handling filevault disks. The one command that could have saved me hours of frustration was simply this:

Diskutil coreStorage delete UUID-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , Replacing the last part with your CoreStorage Logical Group ID from your machine. This is found by running this command:

diskutil coreStorage list

Hope this helps someone else, plus if you have a better method please feel free to share !


Fix Tethering on Unlocked Rogers Android devices

I Cannot confirm how many Rogers devices this is valid for , so if you have having issues getting tethering to work on your unlocked Rogers android. Give this a try

You need to delete /system/app/TetheringManagerRogers1126.apk

It’s a new file that was added with the 2.2 update. It will check to see if your account supports tethering. Kind of useless if you are not on Rogers.


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iPad Mini Event – Aimed towards “iBooks” ..

According to a few well known sources online the upcoming October iPad Event , Supposedly which is to launch the new highly anticipated “iPad Mini” , also during this event it is said to involve i high level of iBooks love and attention. 

No One knows for sure but i will try to let you know as soon as the rest do 😉

UPDATE :: Heres the goods you wanted.

Quoted from AppleInsider.

Lead by Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the small form factor tablet market has seen success by luring in a wide base of users with low-cost devices to push content sales. Pundits speculate that Apple will take a similar tack and offer the iPad mini at a price comparable to rival offerings like Google’s Nexus 7, boosting margins by leveraging content sales from iTunes.

The sources’ claims are in line with previous reports saying that Apple is attempting to keep the unit’s retail price down by using a non-Retina display, as well as other relatively low-cost components.

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple had tasked its Asian suppliers to build over ten million iPad minis for the fourth quarter, signaling the company’s confidence in high sales for the holiday shopping season.

It is rumored that Apple will unveil the iPad mini at an event on Oct. 23, with a product rollout expected to follow shortly after.


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Tablets for Children , Win.

This is an article quoted from It struck me in a way that i could not explain , it makes sense , its efficient , helps people that in change helps the environment.

Posted on: October 9, 2012 at 12:32pm — By: Brittany

Last week, amidst the sweeping political mandates of the Presidential debates, education Secretary Arne Duncan made a mandate of his own, calling for the nation to ditch printed textbooks in favor digital ones. “Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete,” he declared.

Often, too little thought goes into the real world implications of what politicians say. This statement, however, left us scratching our collective heads a bit. Just how feasible is Duncan’s plan? As we’ve pointed out before, in the hands of children, Kindles have a tendency to break and iPads to shatter. What happens then?

Classrooms need technology—that we acknowledge. In fact, a big part of our mission is teaching through technology. If we want 21st-century problem solvers, we need to train them on 21st-century technology.

Durable technology can be manufactured, but over 80 million students are currently enrolled in U.S. schools and colleges—that’s far more than the 47.5 million tablets that Forbes estimates are currently in use nationwide. Are we entering the age of “one tablet per child”? If so, is there a plan for sustainable manufacturing of these devices? And what is the government’s plan for e-waste, and the inevitable end-of-life for all these e-textbooks?

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Apple TV 3 Fate ..

If you have been patiently waiting for a jailbreak to be released for the third generation Apple TV (1080p) then you are going to be in for a huge disappointment. According to iOS jailbreaker pod2g, he is not working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 and he is not aware of anyone else who is either.

ATV3 jailbreak: I have no news sadly, I’m not currently working on it nor anyone that I’m aware of. Sorry…

The third generation Apple TV was released way back in March of this year and has yet to see any development on the jailbreak front. The second generation Apple TV has been jailbroken now on all iOS software versions, and is a hugely capable media center once Apple’s restrictions have been bypassed. You can then run XBMC and other media management apps which will let you access media stored on file servers and play media types not supported by Apple.

The lack of any progress with a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 will make the used market for Apple TV 2’s go into overdrive; due to the huge interest in jailbreaking the device.