iPad Mini Event – Aimed towards “iBooks” ..

According to a few well known sources online the upcoming October iPad Event , Supposedly which is to launch the new highly anticipated “iPad Mini” , also during this event it is said to involve i high level of iBooks love and attention. 

No One knows for sure but i will try to let you know as soon as the rest do 😉

UPDATE :: Heres the goods you wanted.

Quoted from AppleInsider.

Lead by Amazon’s Kindle Fire, the small form factor tablet market has seen success by luring in a wide base of users with low-cost devices to push content sales. Pundits speculate that Apple will take a similar tack and offer the iPad mini at a price comparable to rival offerings like Google’s Nexus 7, boosting margins by leveraging content sales from iTunes.

The sources’ claims are in line with previous reports saying that Apple is attempting to keep the unit’s retail price down by using a non-Retina display, as well as other relatively low-cost components.

Earlier this week it was reported that Apple had tasked its Asian suppliers to build over ten million iPad minis for the fourth quarter, signaling the company’s confidence in high sales for the holiday shopping season.

It is rumored that Apple will unveil the iPad mini at an event on Oct. 23, with a product rollout expected to follow shortly after.


Devin R, 


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